• January 2015

    The Journey Began

    Dwarves Foundation initially had only 5 core members, who has been close friends for a long time. They all sat on the same boat, worked day and night, made things done, made things run and contracts came continuously. It was such a tough time but it was FUN!

  • February 2015

    Found GoLang Vietnam

    Go, developed at Google, was first appeared in November 2009 and is now used in some of Google's production systems. While it has great features like compilation speed or easy concurrency, the main feature that makes Go special is its extreme simplicity. We love its simplicity, scalability and concurrency. We found GoLang Community for raising Go popularity among developers and companies in Vietnam.

  • March 2015

    GoLang Vietnam Offline

    GoLang Community has been followed by the first offline event successfully organized on March 2015 that attracted an attention from developers, startups and media. Thanks for the great support from GDG Vietnam, Silicon Straits Saigon and Liti Solutions.

  • April 2015

    Signed a Partnership with SalesInOne

    SalesInOne is a Singapore-based company. They equip sales agents with the relevant online tools, systems, solutions to maximize their sales productivity. In April, they came up with the new project, named Voices Of Sales and was looking for a strong technical partner to take over their development process. And...we got it!

  • May 2015

    First Sales Workshop

    We expected to bring 25 years of experience in sales and marketing from Mr Ken Bay, a co-founder of SalesInOne Pte. Ltd., to young people and potential partners in Vietnam via the first sales workshop organized by Dwarves Foundation in May. Surprisingly, we caught an attention from VYE, YUP Institute, SHIELD ....

  • May 2015

    Found Coworking Space at Night

    We turned our office into the place where like-mined talented people are welcomed to walk in, have a cup of coffee, discuss about new technologies or crazy life-hacking ideas. We are special, sexy and we know it! Drop us a message for an invitation letter.

    Remember that 9owl, our co-working space, is only available at night.

  • July 2015

    Team Building

    Building teams is not as easy as throwing a group of workers together and ordering them to collaborate. They should form stronger bonds and develop a better understanding of each other’s strengths and abilities. Unfortunately this expectation never happens by accident!

    That’s where group incentive travel comes in. This July, we were in Dalat TOGETHER!

  • September 2015

    Become Pearcomms partner

    Another Singapore company. Majored in sales, they desire to integrate IT solutions into sales. With some mutual relationships, we were chosen as a full qualified team that is able to make their idea-QuickDesk comes true. We successfully developed in 3 platforms and all of them are on production now!

  • December 2015

    Work hard, play hard

    We are young and full of energy. We share hobby traveling. After hard working hours with QuickDesk, we decided to travel to ThaiLand as the next trip. Travel oversea is a chance to open your eyes, learn who you really are, develop your skills.

    New country, new culture, new experience!

  • January 2016

    1 year anniversary

    Remarkable milestone. Our goals are still unchanged, to be a part of start up ecosystem as a venture builder. We spent time on community which want to form a network of geeks and talents. Thank you all for being together in this path.

    It's time for celebrating!